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Hi, my name is Mariah June! I am a performance artist chiefly known for my acting ability in addition to my vocal talent and musicianship. Moreover, during the last decade I have engaged in a multitude of photo shoots—from both sides of the lens—and am also in the beginning stages of penning my first fantasy novel.

From a very young age in Seattle, Washington, I yearned to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. After moving with my fine artist mother across the country to Clearwater, Florida, in 2003, I began vocal lessons in earnest with instructor Sheila Miranda. The following year my first audition landed me the principal role in the musical play titled “Little Red and the Magic Word Book”.

In 2008 I further honed my acting craft in the Masters Class under the tutelage of a teacher who had himself studied directly with Milton Katselas of the Beverly Hills Playhouse Acting School. I’ve given many live performances as well as improvisational acts during this period including the well-received “20 Minute Theatre”, which included some sketches I had written. The performances were showcased at several locations around Clearwater.

With my resumé building, over the next several years I was cast in two music videos, six independent films, and several infomercials in the Tampa Bay region as well as Los Angeles, California where I currently live.

In addition to live theatre acts, I have performed songs a capella as well as original piano solos at local Clearwater events. During my extended stay in London, England in 2012, several of my original piano compositions were showcased to live audiences.


I was a principal volunteer as the elegant “trophy girl” responsible for bestowing awards at the Sunscreen Film Festival (an Academy Awards affiliate) from the years 2008 through 2013.

As always, I am continuing to do more art!


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