Benji Takes on London

My faithful travel panda, Benji, and I decided to go to some of London’s most famous locations the other day, and just as I tried to take some pictures of the landmarks, Benji managed to get
in every shot… Silly Benji.

Benji with Big Ben

Here is Benji with Big Ben (I know, I know, it’s actually called the Elizabeth Tower and the bell inside it is called Big Ben, but still… I had to). Big Ben and Little Ben! You decide which one is which according to this shot. πŸ˜€

Benji with the Eye of London

Benji with the London Eye behind him while we were on Westminster Bridge.

Benji at Trafalgar Square

Benji at Trafalgar Square.

Benji at Piccadilly Circus

While I tried to take a picture of the big screens of Piccadilly Circus, Benji somehow got in the shot again! πŸ˜€

Benji at Buckingham Palace

Benji near Buckingham Palace.

Benji on Tower Bridge

Benji on Tower Bridge.

Benji on London Bridge

And finally, Benji on London Bridge with a view of Tower Bridge in the background.

There may be more photo-bombing pictures of Benji coming soon!



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