My Fish and Chips Adventure

I was really looking for a place to get some traditional English fish and chips, and so I researched a bit online, and found that Poppies in London was one that came up often in the search results for being good, so I decided to go there myself.

Since arriving and being in London, I hadn’t
gone to get fish and chips until now!  Silly of me, since I have been here for about five and a half months now.  Anyway, so I began my journey of finding this place.

I walked around for a bit and eventually found it, just after I was about to give up actually!  Then I bought them and wanted to walk to a nice place to eat them and realised that I hadn’t been to this side of town before and also realised that where I wanted to be was not within walking distance!  So, I decided to eat some of them on a Double Decker bus back to the other side of town… What could be better, right?

I got off of the bus on London Bridge and finished my fish and chips there.  It was lovely!

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Afterwards, I got onto another bus and headed back to Westminster, just in time to see the sun setting behind the Houses of Parliament!  How wonderful it was!

I do hope that you enjoyed the photos and my story of finding traditional English fish and chips in London!

Until next time!



2 thoughts on “My Fish and Chips Adventure

  • Great shots! You should also try pub fish n chips whenever you get the chance. One good find is Warwick Castle next to Warwick Ave station in Maida Vale. I moved here from LA a year ago and that’s been my fave so far 🙂

    • Thanks! I will definitely try going there when I get back to England. I love it there as well.

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