A Year Ago Today

On the 16th of October 2012, I was headed to a premiere at the Empire in Leicester Square and had a great time meeting new people and watching an interesting film.

Unfortunately, I was too involved to take more pictures of my evening, but luckily, I was there with a friend who was snapping shots left and right. Β So here are some pictures my friend John WoodΒ had of the after party for the premiere that night.

Here I am with Rowland Rivron and my friend John Wood.
Here I am with Rowland Rivron and my friend John Wood.
Here I am with Sanjeev Bhaskar.
Here I am with Sanjeev Bhaskar.
Here I am with my drink.
These two gentlemen wanted to take a picture with me, unfortunately, I never got to learn their names, but we look like buds here.
Here we are again, looking like best friends although we never officially met.
Walking on the red carpet.
On the red carpet again.

It was a very fun evening and I do wish to have many more times similar to this one. Β Hope you enjoyed my post today!



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  • Hello Mariah,

    Amazing. What caught my attention most is Sanjeev Bhaskar. I remember him from Top Gear. Wish you all the best.


    • Hi there! Yes, Sanjeev was very nice. I am familiar with Top Gear, when did he appear on there?
      All the best,

      • Was in the second season of TG UK. Went back to Wiki, and the year is 2003.

        Good day!

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