Bend it like Benji!

Thanksgiving has come and gone and I had a great time spending it with family in both Washington State and Oregon State! As always, my little, fluffy friend Benji came with me on this trip, and of course he wanted pictures…of himself. Typical Benji. πŸ˜€

We started out in Washington State where most of my family still lives, and although the two shots of Benji in Seattle are from 2014 (I have been super busy and haven’t gotten around to posting them!! Better late than never, right?) I figured I might as well add them here.

Benji sitting on the rocks of a Washington State beach.
Benji on the grass with the Space Needle behind him!

I would’ve gotten a picture of Benji in the Space Needle itself but I was worried I would drop him! He would never forgive me for that if I had!

Now up to present…Oregon! I was staying on a ranch in Terrebonne, Oregon, and Benji decided he wanted to be “one with the horses” so I took a picture of him just as the horses in the background were looking over.

Benji in Terrebonne, Oregon with the horses!

The weather was nice, I definitely enjoyed my time, as did Benji. One of the days while we were there we decided to go into Bend, Oregon. Benji was exhilarated, obviously, because we were going to Bend… Benji… Bend, get it? πŸ˜€

We drove up to the top of Pilot Butte where there was an incredible view of the city of Bend and beyond. I tried to take some shots but Benji photobombed each one… Silly boy…

Benji enjoying the moment atop Pilot Butte.
Benji showing us the diagram of where each mountain is.
Benji looking off into the distance.
Benji taking in the view.
Benji staring at Bend. πŸ˜€
Little Benji in Oregon!
Little Benji sitting atop the plaque for Terrence Hardington Foley.

And of course Benji thought it would be funny if he were to replace the rock climber in the photo with himself to make it look as if he were climbing… Silly, silly.

Benji “rock climbing”… Yeah…

So there we have it! My adventures into the world of Bend, Oregon and Washington State with my fluffy, little friend Benji!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Until next time!



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